Our performance

Successful organisations measure their performance and learn from the results. Our performance evaluation framework is detailed in our Statement of Intent, and reported against in our Annual Reports and inquiry evaluation reports. See:

We prepared a brief for the new Minister of Finance in November 2017:

We evaluate our work against a set of performance measures, including these aspects:

  • having intended impacts – what happens as a result of our work;
  • the right focus – the relevance and materiality of our inquiry reports; and
  • good process management – the timeliness and quality of our inquiry process.

Our inquiries are evaluated against our performance framework using three external sources of feedback:

  • an independent expert review;
  • survey of inquiry participants; and
  • an independently-facilitated stakeholder focus group.

The way we measure performance differs slightly between inquiries and our research/promotional functions. The latter are reviewed by an independent expert once a year. Additionally, research papers are peer-reviewed by a technical expert as part of our quality assurance process.

A full set of our performance results is provided below, and inquiry evaluation documents are also listed on respective inquiry pages.


PDF icon Annual Report 2016-2017 PDF 1.75MbPDF icon Annual Report 2015-2016 PDF 1.15MbPDF icon Annual Report 2014-15, PDF 961KbPDF icon Annual Report 2013-14, PDF 1.1MBPDF icon Annual Report 2012-13, PDF 2.1 MBPDF icon Annual Report 2011-12, PDF 2.25 MbPDF icon Research function evaluation - John Yeabsley 2016, PDF 1436KbPDF icon Research function evaluation - Viv Hall, 2015, PDF, 360KbPDF icon Research function evaluation - Howard Fancy, 2014, PDF, 873KbPDF icon Regulatory institutions and practices - Performance evaluation - focus group results, PDF 72KbPDF icon Regulatory institutions and practices - Performance evaluation - participant survey, PDF 79KbPDF icon Regulatory institutions and practices - Performance evaluation - expert review, PDF 662KbPDF icon Services Sector - focus group results, PDF 203KbPDF icon Services Sector - expert review, PDF 215KbPDF icon Services Sector - participant survey, PDF 112KbPDF icon Local Government Regulation - Focus Group results, 240KbPDF icon Local Government Regulation - Expert Evaluation, 714KbPDF icon Local Government Regulation - Summary of Performance evaluation, PDF 247Kb PDF icon Trans-Tasman Economic Relations, Focus Group results, 297KbPDF icon Trans-Tasman Economic Relations, Expert Evaluation, PDF 653KbPDF icon Housing Affordability, Expert Evaluation, PDF 1.06MbPDF icon International Freight Transport, Expert Evaluation, PDF 153KbPDF icon Housing Affordability, Focus Group results, PDF 295KbPDF icon International Freight Transport, Focus Group results, PDF 293KbPDF icon Housing & Freight, Full Inquiry Performance Evaluation, PDF 60KbPDF icon Using land for housing, Focus Group Evaluation, PDF, 89KbPDF icon Using land for housing, Expert Evaluation, PDF, 287KbPDF icon New models of tertiary education - evaluation - expert review, PDF, 587KbPDF icon New models of tertiary education - evaluation - focus group, PDF, 58KbPDF icon New models of tertiary education - evaluation - participant survey, PDF, 167KbPDF icon Statement of Intent 2017-2021, PDF 894KbPDF icon Statement of Performance Expectations 2018-19PDF icon Briefing to the Incoming Minister November 2017