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2019 Wind Energy Conference

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Focusing on how we transition to a low-emissions economy with renewables.

1 May 2019
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The theme for the 2019 Conference is “Breaking New Ground”.  The theme reflects the need to build both new large stand-alone wind generation development and opportunity to widen the reach of wind.

Key areas for discussion include addressing the scale of new wind development required to support net zero, how to get traction with community and smaller scale wind projects and how wind integrates with other technologies.

Murray Sherwin, Chair of the Productivity Commission, will present on "Are we listening? - an update on the Low-emissions economy report.

Key questions the Conference will consider include:

  • Are we focusing on the right priorities and moving fast enough to transition to a low carbon economy?
  • What are the leading innovations we can expect in the electricity sector and case study examples of integrating wind with other renewables?
  • What’s are the latest wind technology developments?
  • Are we doing enough to prepare for a future with more renewables and managing generation intermittency?
  • How can we spread the reach of wind beyond large scale wind farms and enable community and smaller-scale development?
  • What does the future of the electricity sector with more renewables look like from an investment perspective?
  • What are the priorities to best enable wind energy to support New Zealand’s low carbon future?

View the Conference programme here and find out more about the Conference here.