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BCEC | FoWI Future of work

13 February 2020 - 14 February 2020

Curtin University, St Georges Terrace, 137 St Georges Terrace, Perth

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This future of work workshop will give those interested in what the future of work holds the opportunity to hear innovative research that aims to deliver new insights into our understanding of where the future of work is, and could be heading, along with discussion on the policy settings and response needed now and in the future to address the impact climate change, is and will have on our working lives.

Recent years have seen dramatic changes in the organisation of work and alternative forms of employment. Alternative forms of employment, facilitated by online platforms and other technological advances, are growing; at the same time, there is a concern that work is becoming more precarious, with contract and part-time work on the rise, accompanied by low wage growth in many sectors. As adoption of new technologies take over some of the tasks previously performed by labour, there is also increasing concern about the future of jobs. There is need for new insights to better understand the ways in which the organisation of work is changing, the impacts of automation on future employment prospects and the welfare implications of these changes.

The impact of Climate Change is also challenging our way of life. Temperatures are reaching unprecedented levels across Australia and the globe, extreme weather events are becoming more common and difficult to respond to, delicate ecosystems are being compromised and our ability to go about our everyday activities is affected.

Climate change presents an immediate challenge to the way we work and the types of jobs and skills that will be needed to respond. Do we have the current resources, skills and leadership needed to respond to the challengers ahead? Which industries will be disrupted by climate change? How will our workplaces and built environments need to adapt to accommodate climate change impact? Can we continue to rely on our volunteer workforce to address extreme weather events?

Dave Heatley, from the New Zealand Productivity Commission will present on Friday 14 at 11.30am on 'Technological disruption is not imminent - so how can we get more of it?'

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