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Frontier and ‘laggard’ firms: will there be significant changes to the distribution of productivity post-COVID19?

26 June 2020
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Join this UK webinar from the Productivity Insights Network.

We know low aggregate TFP can be because: (i) frontier firms are not amongst the global leaders in their industry; (ii) there is a lack of diffusion of technology from (national) ‘best-practice’ frontier to non-frontier firms; and (iii) there is insufficient reallocation of resources from less to more efficient firms through ‘churn’ (opening of more efficient/closure of less efficient firms) and through the reallocation of existing market shares from low to higher productivity firms (together ‘churn’ and external reallocation are commonly referred to as ‘creative destruction’ after Schumpeter). This webinar therefore poses a series of questions of the likely impact of COVID-19 on the distribution of productivity across firms (in the UK) and ideally the participants through their views and feedback will begin to point to the answers to these questions.

Prof Richard Harris, Durham University
Prof Philip McCann, University of Sheffield

Prof Vania Sena, University of Sheffield

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