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OECD webinar: Going for growth 2021 shaping a vibrant recovery

1 July 2021
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Building on OECD’s recent Going for Growth publication, this OECD Going for growth webinar will discuss reform priorities for the Australian and New Zealand economies at the current economic juncture. The COVID-19 pandemic is exposing long-standing structural weaknesses in many economies and widening gaps in living standards among countries, regions and people. Just as the vaccine rollout gradually instils hope, the post-pandemic recovery creates new opportunities to set in place the foundations for a vibrant recovery. With continued macroeconomic support, policymakers can shape the recovery to boost growth, enhance resilience and inclusiveness, and improve environmental sustainability.

Gail Pacheco, Commissioner at the New Zealand Productivity Commission, will be presenting on the Commission's inquiries into Technological change and the future of work and Frontier firms.