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Webinar: How can we help Kiwi firms reach the productivity frontier?

22 July 2020


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Join this free webinar to learn about the Productivity Commission’s inquiry into New Zealand’s “frontier firms”.

These “frontier” firms are at the top of the productivity distribution and play a crucial role in the performance of the whole economy.

The Productivity Commission's inquiry seeks to understand how the economic contribution of these firms can be maximised, through their own performance and the way they diffuse new technologies and business practices to other domestic firms.

Helping Kiwi firms shift out the productivity frontier would be a valuable step towards the economy reaching its full potential once the immediate effects of COVID-19 have passed.


At this webinar, Commission researchers will discuss how the Commission is approaching this inquiry and thinking about this topic. This includes:

  • The Commission’s overall approach to the inquiry, including the importance of the submissions process;
  • Empirical work benchmarking New Zealand frontier and illustrating the productivity distribution within industries;
  • Case studies of four key industries including their innovation eco-systems, international linkages and ownership structures;
  • Qualitative research on the role of firm governance; and
  • Research to better understand the performance of Māori firms.


Patrick Nolan, Geoff Lewis, Penny Mok, Jo Smith


Registration is free of charge here. Once registered, you will receive an email with a link to join on the day.

This is a live webinar where you can participate by asking questions through the chat box.