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Innovate NZ

Innovate NZ
15 December 2021

Shed 6, Wellington

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The Public Sector Innovate NZ 2021, in partnership with Ernst & Young, wants to take you on a journey from mere planning through to pioneering these exciting changes, and provide the ideal meeting place to learn, collaborate, and discuss the trends and innovations helping encourage economic and social prosperity for Aotearoa now and into the future, with some of the brightest public.

Choose from four streams to deep dive into the sessions that are most specific to you in your role:

  1. Technology and transformation - embracing emerging technologies and methodologies to accelerate innovation and drive citizen-centric service delivery.
  2. People and culture - building a strong public sector culture by focusing on wellbeing, strategic workforce planning and increased employee engagement.
  3. Data and analytics - creating data-driven departments that ethically leverage public sector data sets to turn information into actionable insights,
  4. Process and collaboration - optimising how digital transformation works to improves citizen-centric services and citizen experience.

Gail Pacheco, Commissioner at the New Zealand Productivity Commission, will present the key findings from the Commission's recent frontier firms inquiry.

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