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Taituarā community wellbeing forum


Dr Ganesh Nana is presenting on Equity and Equality on 8 May

8 May 2023 - 9 May 2023
Programme and registration

The Productivity Commission is concluding its inquiry A Fair Chance for All and has perspectives to provide on the distinction between equity and equality, and what policy choices local authorities have to promote each of these. Hear Ganesh, chair of the Commission, presents at the forum on 8 May.

About this event
The 2023 Community Wellbeing Forum brings together an exciting range of expert speakers who will share their wisdom, insights, and experiences on best navigating the partnerships required to deliver wellbeing outcomes for communities. 

There is an unashamed focus on councils sharing their stories of practical actions to improve wellbeing in their communities, and councils developing cost-effective ways of measuring their progress towards community wellbeing. 

And to finish, an expert panel considering what a wellbeing council is and does and the practical steps councils can take to build one. This is one for councils pondering their role in the post-reform world. 

Who should attend?
This forum is open to staff of any council, or council-controlled organisation (CCO), in particular community development staff, policy and strategy professionals, or anyone with an interest in or working in the community wellbeing space.