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Webinar: The world changed by COVID-19 - policy, economy, society

OECD webinar
7 May 2020

The OECD will be hosting a webinar on Thursday 7 May at 2pm on the regional dimensions of the COVID-19 crisis.

The impacts of the global Covid-19 pandemic are highly localised. What are the regional dimensions of the crisis – from economy to policy to society – and how will regions emerge from the current crisis?

Profound economic effects of the spread of coronavirus are already sorely felt across the world. The geographic pattern of the impacts on regional economies will not necessarily follow the pattern of the virus hot spots. Indeed, both geography and sectoral specialisation play a key role. We will present analyses of the pandemic’s labour impacts and regional policy responses together with a discussion of the ways to shape people’s expectations.

This information will be used as a background for a conversation about structural spatial implications of the crisis going forward:

  • What will be the most important economic consequences of the pandemic and what is the role of geography?
  • How will the policy landscape change after the crisis in general and for the place-based policies in particular?
  • What are the ways (for firms, industries, places) to manage the crisis and to seize the new opportunities? 

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