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Where to now for migration policy in Australia and New Zealand?

Map of Australia and New Zealand with an aeroplane
2 December 2021

12.00-1.00pm NZDT
10.00-11.00am AEDT

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Australia and New Zealand both ran high rates of migration over the past decade. And both countries opted for hard border closures in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. As Australia and New Zealand gradually emerge from behind hard borders, how should migration policy change in both countries?

A recent draft report from the New Zealand Productivity Commission explores major changes to NZ migration policy and governance. In this special trans-Tasman Grattan Institute webinar, migration experts will discuss the Commission’s recommendations, what they might mean for New Zealand, and what Australia might learn from them.

Join us as we unpack the various ways that migration affects the wellbeing of existing residents, how migration policies can be better designed, and what reforms governments should make as Australia and New Zealand reopen to the world in 2022.

Gail Pacheco, Commissioner at the Productivity Commission, will be a panellist at this event presenting on the Commission's immigration inquiry.

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