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BlogA blog by Commission staff

This was set up to generate ideas and promote debate for our Technological change and the future of work inquiry.

We welcome robust, respectful and insightful thoughts and ideas. Please post your comments at the bottom of blog posts. Comments are moderated and won't appear immediately. 

About the blog

The Commission has completed its inquiry into Technological change and the future of work. Thanks to everyone who read and commented on this blog! Read the final inquiry report and recommendations to Government here. 

John and Jack MacCormick

There’s someone for everything

7 November 2019

There’s a great new ad campaign running for Trade Me at the moment based on the slogan, ‘there’s som…

gig economy

The gig on women’s earnings

19 September 2019

Does gig work on digital platforms have a gender pay gap? The more flexible work options enabled by …

Technological change and the future of love

Technological change and the future of love

12 August 2019

Online matchmaking has radically changed the way people search for love.

Gig economy

The gig economy – flexible but tricky to measure

27 May 2019

It is hard to find a discussion about the future of work without some reference to the emergence of …

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