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BlogA blog by Commission staff

This was set up to generate ideas and promote debate for our Technological change and the future of work inquiry.

We welcome robust, respectful and insightful thoughts and ideas. Please post your comments at the bottom of blog posts. Comments are moderated and won't appear immediately. 

About the blog

The Commission has completed its inquiry into Technological change and the future of work. Thanks to everyone who read and commented on this blog! Read the final inquiry report and recommendations to Government here. 

Internet at home

Guest post: The Internet should be for all New Zealanders, s…

27 January 2020

The fact you’re reading this article online is a good indicator you are “digitally included” - meani…

Dr Amelia Sharman

I dropped maths at school – what happened?

23 January 2020

In my final year of school, I completely dropped maths and science – resulting in a conference with …

Judy Kavanagh

Educating New Zealand’s future workforce

22 January 2020

Do you remember your first day at school? The education I received was for a very different world th…

New Years resolutions

New Year’s resolutions

7 January 2020

The first week back at work after the new year is the most popular time to look for a new job.


Where are all the part-time students?

19 December 2019

You’d think that with low unemployment and ever-improving technology for distance education, the pro…


Generalist to specialist

5 December 2019

Both my parents are pretty handy – and they seem to have the right tools for most jobs in the garage…

Sushi train

Bite-sized learning

3 December 2019

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to micro-credentials, those bits of bite-sized learning c…

John and Jack MacCormick

There’s someone for everything

7 November 2019

There’s a great new ad campaign running for Trade Me at the moment based on the slogan, ‘there’s som…

Tim Maddock

How dynamic is the New Zealand labour market?

4 November 2019

Two new Productivity Commission reports tell us that the New Zealand labour market is characterised …


How many jobs do your skills prepare you for?

31 October 2019

When I was applying for jobs in London, an amazing place – although my economist colleagues just cal…

Jon contract

How effective are ALMPs?

30 October 2019

The success of an Active Labour Market Policy (ALMP) will depend a lot on the type of programme and …


Low spending on ALMPs is not a good reason to increase it

21 October 2019

Based on OECD comparisons, New Zealand’s overall spending on Active Labour Market Policies (ALMPs) a…

Child care

When is a policy that helps people be in work not an ALMP?

9 October 2019

Answer: When it’s a childcare subsidy available to other low-income households.

School children

The confidence of youth

3 October 2019

Young people have a strong belief that technology will shape their future but what types of skills a…

Secondary school students

Guest post: Secondary school students on work in 2030

30 September 2019

What do secondary school students think work will look like in 2030? Flying cars, genetically modifi…

Distance learning

How important is human capital to productivity?

18 September 2019

Have you ever done a MOOC? After completing four separate degrees and ten years at university, you w…

Straight line to the mountains

The perils of straight-line forecasting

24 July 2019

Skills scarcity is great. At least when it’s your skills in demand.

At work at home

Can tech-enabled flexible work close the gender pay gap?

15 July 2019

The converging roles of men and women are among the grandest advances in society and the economy in …

Easter Bunny Dave Heatley

The demand for statisticians and Easter bunnies

8 July 2019

The right job in the wrong place. For many, that’s the reality of job search in New Zealand’s less p…

Volunteer search and rescue team Tararua Range

The future of volunteering

20 June 2019

I only know one economist joke. A plane carrying economists plummets towards the ground after its en…

Girl boss

Girl bosses and skills to beat job-killing robots

5 June 2019

GirlBoss NZ urges us to take a strong gender perspective in our inquiry.

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