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Last post (almost)

13 February 2020

This is our penultimate post on the FutureworkNZ blog. We’ve really enjoyed the process of testing our thinking with the community, and hearing interesting perspectives from our guest authors. But….

  • we’ve got numerous business groups, government organisations and other stakeholders who want to meet and talk about our draft reports,
  • submissions are flowing in to read and digest (if you’ve got something to say to us about the draft reports, please send something in by 17 February), and
  • we’ve got a final report to write!

We’ve got one final post to put up, which (hopefully) will go up by the end of this week. Thank you for your interest and engagement with this blog. Please keep an eye out for our final report – the report is due with Ministers by the end of March and will be made public on our website at some point shortly after that.

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