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Pandemic-economics blog

Pandemic-economics blogA blog by Commission staff to generate ideas and promote debate about policy responses to COVID‑19. We welcome robust, respectful and insightful thoughts and ideas. Comments can be posted at the bottom of blog posts, but please note they are moderated and won't appear immediately. 

About the blog

COVID stringency index

Level with me

2 July 2020

Much of the public debate about the response to the COVID-19 pandemic has focused on the extent to w…

NZ COVID tracer app

Why we need more tech: the COVID-19 edition

29 May 2020

One of the key findings from the Commission’s recent Technological change and the future of work inq…

Home under quarantine

Law in order?

14 May 2020

Governments around the world have restricted the activities of their citizens in the fight against C…

The Lighthouse

Transparency… for ordinary times and for dramatic times

8 May 2020

In times of crisis, it is said, speed is of the essence. And the dramatic consequences of the COVID-…

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