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SpeechesOur work generates public interest and debate. We regularly speak at events about productivity, our research outputs and inquiries. 

13-15 September 2023 - Customs Brokers and Freight Forwarders conference

Our Chair Dr Ganesh Nana presented an overview of the Improving Economic Resilience inquiry to the Customs Brokers and Freight Forwarders conference held in Wellington. This was a good opportunity for us to provide an outline of our findings on the important issues covered in this inquiry topic to date to individuals and organisations working in the trade and freight sector. 

31 August 2023 - WEALL Aotearoa conference – Economy for Public Good

Our Chair, Dr Ganesh Nana provided an overview of the final report for the A Fair Chance for All inquiry at the WEALL Aotearoa conference – Economy for Public Good. 

30 August 2023 - Population futures in an uncertain world: The changing faces of Aotearoa New Zealand

A keynote address on “People and place – what comes first?” by Ganesh at the NZPopCon biennial conference. With a focus on our Immigration inquiry report, Ganesh gave his thoughts on: 

Does people lift productivity?  
Does better productivity attract population?  
And what has place go to do with any of this? 

3 August 2023 - Government Economics Network (GEN) annual conference

Geoff Lewis, Inquiry Director for the Frontier Firms inquiry and the follow-on review, gave a presentation to the Government Economics Network (GEN) annual conference. 

20 June 2023 - Launch of the a fair chance for all inquiry final report

9 May 2023 – Cooperative New Zealand Leaders’ Forum: Shaping the future

This forum was a place for New Zealand’s business leaders and the wider co-operative community to come together to discuss how to remain resilient in a continually changing world. Dr Ganesh Nana gave the latest updates and insights from the Commission’s current inquiries, Frontier Firms: Follow-on review and Improving Economic Resilience inquiry. 

8 - 9 May 2023 - Taituarā community wellbeing forum

Drawing from the Commission’s inquiryA Fair Chance for All, this presentation explores the distinction between equity and equality, as well as policy choices local authorities should promote.

14-15 April 2023 - FOMA Business Summit

The presentation, “Supporting the overall wellbeing of Aotearoa”, notes the strengths and resilience embedded within Māori communities as reflected in their response to COVID and Cyclone Gabrielle, encouraging Māori businesses to retain a long-term inter-generational perspective.

24 February 2023 - Taranaki Insights 2023

The event focused on a presentation of data in the Summer 2022 edition of Taranaki Trends, which highlighted the region’s economic performance experienced by the September 2022 quarter. In his address, Dr Nana shared his views on the national economic outlook for 2023, insights relevant to Taranaki, and more.

27 October 2022 - Business Pulse Breakfast, Rotorua NZ and Rotorua Business Chamber

A presentation by Dr Ganesh Nana, Chair of the Productivity Commission about the latest economic and workforce trends and what this means for Rotorua at the launch of the latest Rotorua Business Pulse findings.

27 October 2022 - NZ Architectural Design Conference

Dr Ganesh Nana, Chair of the Productivity Commission presented on Sustainability, productivity and wellbeing: The case for the long term.