NZAE Conference

30 June 2020 - 2 July 2020

Victoria University Wellington

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The New Zealand Association of Economists Conference brings together economists and researchers from academia, government and private sectors to discuss important issues facing New Zealand.

This year the conference welcomes four keynote speakers: Andrew Clark, Warwick McKibbin, John Creedy, and Marjan van den Belt.

Andrew (Paris School of Economics) works at the interface between psychology, sociology and economics to provide insights into social interactions and social learning. Warwick (Australian National University) is internationally renowned for his contributions to global economic modeling and the theory of monetary policy. John (Victoria University of Wellington) has made important contributions to the study of public economics, labour economics and income distribution in New Zealand. Marjan (Terra Moana Ltd, ReGenSEA) is an ecological economist actively engaged in helping organisations and community’s transition towards a sustainability perspective using regenerative economics.  The diversity of their insights, together with those of our other conference contributors, will ensure that the conference appeals to a broad spread of interests.