About Judy Kavanagh

Inquiry Director, Productivity Commission

Judy is an economist with experience in both academia and the public sector. She has had roles in the Ministries of Health and Education and has taught at Canterbury University and Victoria University of Wellington. Her research areas include experimental economics, economic psychology and the organisation of health systems.

At the Commission she has worked on a research project into Growing the digital economy in Australia and New Zealand (2019) and inquiries into State sector productivity (2018), New models of tertiary education (2016), Using land for housing (2015), Regulatory institutions and practices (2014), Towards better local regulation (2013), and Housing affordability (2012). She is currently leading the Commission’s inquiry into Technological change and the future of work, due to report to the Government in March 2020.

Judy has a Master of Arts in Economics from the University of Canterbury, a post graduate diploma in Health Economics from the University of Tromso (with distinction) and a College Diploma and Diploma in Teaching from the Christchurch Teachers College and the Department of Education (with distinction).