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The Commission has completed its inquiry into Technological change and the future of work. Thanks to everyone who read and commented on this blog! Read the final inquiry report and recommendations to Government here. 

Job security

Policies for dynamic labour markets and productivity growth

28 November 2019 | Judy Kavanagh

If you’re at risk of losing your job, your best protection is to have lots of other good job opportu…

Australia on the globe

Migration and the labour market

11 November 2019 | Judy Kavanagh

Trans-Tasman migration and arrivals from other countries have bigger effects on New Zealand’s popula…

Tim Maddock

How dynamic is the New Zealand labour market?

4 November 2019 | Tim Maddock

Two new Productivity Commission reports tell us that the New Zealand labour market is characterised …


There’s no place like home

10 July 2019 | Tim Maddock

Why don’t people move as often as economists expect? 

Some regions in New Zealand have much higher …

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