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Will there still be Santa?

20 December 2019 | Amelia Sharman

I’ve got some bad news about Santa Claus. The North Pole may be far, but it’s not too far to avoid t...


From sewing machinist to software programmer

16 December 2019 | Amelia Sharman

I’m sure you’ve heard some version of this popular prediction – about two-thirds of children enterin...

Tiny home

Is NZ short of equity capital?

11 December 2019 | Dave Heatley

Low business investment is a problem for tech adoption.  Interest rates don’t provide a convincing e...


Why aren’t NZ businesses investing?

9 December 2019 | Dave Heatley

Crazily low interest rates but NZ businesses are not investing. Why not?

It’s an important question...

Too much (investment) screen time?

23 September 2019 | Nik Green

Is this the reason why New Zealand doesn’t feature more prominently on global business and investmen...


How to insure against a workless future

16 September 2019 | Anthony Hall and Dr Nicholas Agar

There are two “expert” messages about the impact of the digital revolution on work that are hard to ...


Shocks to the system

11 September 2019 | Nik Green

As a small country that’s far away from most of the world, it’s not surprising that many have worrie...


From Richard Pearse to the koru club

26 August 2019 | Judy Kavanagh

There’s a long lag between invention and any labour market effects from the mass adoption of technol...


When tech does things humans never could

15 August 2019 | Nik Green

Technological progress need not eliminate jobs; automation can allow new and expanded worthwhile act...

Technological change

Is tech change really accelerating?

7 August 2019 | Tim Maddock

Accelerating or decelerating? Just about all the media commentary about the future of work says that...

Beach by Dave Heatley

Is the post-2012 acceleration in automation tech sustainable...

26 June 2019 | Dave Heatley

Can automation tech keep improving at the current rate? 

First, how good is today’s AI-enabled soft...

Which technologies drive concern over the future of work?

24 June 2019 | Dave Heatley

Biotech. Nanotech. Cleantech. Gene tech. Cloud computing tech. Successive waves of technological cha...

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