About consultation

Many of the issues we deal with will be wide-ranging and affect different groups of people. We want to produce recommendations that are well-informed and will make a difference to New Zealand’s productivity and wellbeing. In order to do this, we need to benefit from the knowledge of people interested in our inquiry topics.

Submissions play an important role in shaping the draft or final recommendations made to the Government. Where relevant, information from submissions may be cited or used directly in inquiry reports. We will publish submissions (unless arrangements have been made regarding any confidential content).

How to engage with us

You can be involved in providing feedback on our current inquiries in a number of ways:

  • receiving submissions from interested parties – we encourage you to make a submission either on the issues paper or the draft report, supporting the draft findings or outlining how and why they could be improved;
  • meetings that the Commission requests – we will seek meetings with interested parties;
  • meetings requested by interested parties* – we are open to meeting on request to hear and discuss the views of any interested party (and to provide an update on the progress of the inquiry). If a number of people or organisations from a city or region express interest in meeting, we may run a discussion forum in those locations; and
  • ‘roundtables’ – we may run our own ‘roundtable’ meetings for in-depth debate of the evidence and analysis of key issues in the report. It is not practical to invite all interested parties to those meetings. We will, however, ensure an even-handed coverage of different viewpoints.

*While it may not be possible due to time constraints to meet with every interested party, we will do our best to meet the needs of each party in some way. Please also note that meetings do not constitute a submission, so all parties are encouraged to make their views known by way of a submission that can be made public.