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State sector productivity

Our thanks to all those who made a submission - thank you for your insights and observations!

The number 'Sub #' relates to submissions on an issues paper and 'DR #' for draft report submissions. Note that the views set out in a submission are those of the submitter. Their publication does not in any way associate the Productivity Commission with those views.

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State sector productivity  

Number Name Submission
DR 030 Bernard Jennings DR030-Bernard-Jennings.pdf [83 KB]
Sub 013 Bruce D White Consulting Limited Sub-013-Bruce-D-White-Consulting-Limited.pdf [293 KB]
Sub 017 District Health Boards Sub-017-District-Health-Boards.pdf [605 KB]
DR 029 District Health Boards DR029-District-Health-Boards.pdf [349 KB]
DR 031 GovTech World DR031-GovTech-World.pdf [71 KB]
DR031-GovTech-World-Attachment-One-958Kb.pdf [957 KB]
DR031-GovTech-World-Attachment-Two-1225Kb.pdf [1.2 MB]
Sub 005 Hermann Grobler Sub-005-Hermann-Grobler.pdf [613 KB]
Sub 007 Inland Revenue Sub-007-Inland-Revenue.pdf [473 KB]
DR 018 Methodist Mission Southern DR018-Methodist-Mission-Southern.pdf [331 KB]
Sub 012 Ministry of Social Development Sub-012-Ministry-of-Social-Development.pdf [1.2 MB]
DR 021 Ministry of Social Development DR021-Ministry-of-Social-Development.pdf [149 KB]
Sub 015 New Zealand College of Critical Care Nurses Sub-015-New-Zealand-College-of-Critical-Care-Nurses.pdf [29 KB]
Sub 009 New Zealand Council of Trade Unions Sub-009-New-Zealand-Council-of-Trade-Unions.pdf [371 KB]
Sub 010 New Zealand Kindergartens Sub-010-New-Zealand-Kindergartens.pdf [4 MB]
Sub 014 New Zealand Nurses Organisation Sub-014-New-Zealand-Nurses-Organisation.pdf [718 KB]
Sub 016 Nextera Global Sub-016-Nextera-Global.pdf [506 KB]
DR 028 NZ Council of Trade Unions DR028-NZ-Council-of-Trade-Unions.pdf [250 KB]
DR 024 OMEP Aotearoa New Zealand Christchurch DR024-OMEP-Aotearoa-New-Zealand-Christchurch.pdf [1.2 MB]
Sub 003 Patricia Harrison Sub-003-Patricia-Harrison.pdf [104 KB]
Sub 006 Pepworldwide NZ Ltd Sub-006-Pepworldwide-NZ-Ltd.pdf [64 KB]
DR 022 PSA DR022-PSA.pdf [728 KB]
Sub 011 Public Service Association Sub-011-Public-Service-Association.pdf [644 KB]
DR 019 State Services Commission DR019-State-Services-Commission.PDF [616 KB]
DR019-State-Services-Commission-Letter.PDF [240 KB]
DR 027 Te Puni Kokiri DR027-Te-Puni-Kokiri.pdf [163 KB]
Sub 002 Te Rito Maioha Early Childhood New Zealand Sub-002-Te-Rito-Maioha-Early-Childhood-New-Zealand.pdf [170 KB]
Sub 001 The Methodist Mission Sub-001-The-Methodist-Mission.pdf [523 KB]
Sub 008 The New Zealand Initiative Sub-008-The-New-Zealand-Initiative.pdf [171 KB]
DR 020 The Treasury DR020-The-Treasury.pdf [1.6 MB]
DR 023 University of Auckland Department of Accounting and Finance DR023-University-of-Auckland-Department-of-Accounting-and-Finance.pdf [400 KB]
DR 026 Vincent Blackburn DR026-Vincent-Blackburn.pdf [247 KB]
DR026-Vincent-Blackburn-Attachment-One.pdf [3.6 MB]
DR026-Vincent-Blackburn-Attachment-Two.pdf [378 KB]
DR 025 Waikato Bay of Plenty Chapter OMEP DR025-Waikato-Bay-of-Plenty-Chapter-OMEP.pdf [386 KB]
Sub 004 Youth Horizons Sub-004-Youth-Horizons.pdf [128 KB]