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Local government funding and financing


The Productivity Commission has completed its inquiry into local government funding and financing and presented its final report and recommendations to Government. An independent evaluation has been carried out against the Commission's performance framework. This uses three external sources of feedback: an expert review, focus group and online survey.


  • Our brief
    16 July 2018
  • Issues paper
    6 November 2018
  • Submissions closed 15 February 2019
  • Draft report
    4 July 2019
  • Submissions closed 29 August 2019
  • Final report
    30 November 2019
  • Evaluation
  • Government response

Expert review

Gus Charteris conducted an independent review and evaluation of the inquiry. His report is structured around the Commissions' performance measures and is available to download here.

Focus group review

Two focus groups were arranged to gather the views of a wide range of stakeholders on the Commission's performance. The following report presents the results of those focus groups.

Online survey

100 people responded to an online survey about the local government funding inquiry. Download the following report to read the responses to the survey. All answers are anonymous.