Local government regulation

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This inquiry was commissioned to contribute to the Government’s ‘Better Local Government’ initiative and is point six on the eight-point programme to improve the legislative framework for New Zealand’s councils.

The Commission was asked to:

  • develop principles to guide decisions on which regulatory functions are best undertaken by local or central government;
  • identify opportunities to improve the regulatory performance of local government; and
  • recommend options for regularly assessing the regulatory performance of the local government sector.

You can read the full Terms of Reference here

Key inquiry dates

Terms of reference issued: May 2012

Issues paper released: July 2012

Initial submissions due: August 2012

Draft report released: December 2012

Draft submissions due: March 2013

Final report to government: May 2013

View Submissions

Submissions on each stage of the inquiry can be viewed here.

Inquiry contacts

For further information about the inquiry please contact:

Administrative matters

T: (04) 903 5150

E: info@productivity.govt.nz

Other matters: Steven Bailey, Inquiry director

T: (04) 903 5156

E: steven.bailey@productivity.govt.nz