Boosting services sector productivity

Boosting Productivity in the Services Sector - Final Report

The Productivity Commission has just released its final report on boosting productivity in the services sector (PDF - also see summary material below). The report shines a spotlight on the critical role that the sector plays in the New Zealand economy and includes a raft of recommendations to lift its performance. Implementing these recommendations would sharpen competition in the sector and help firms in the services sector to more effectively harness information and communications technology (ICT). The Commission believes that these recommendations can make a significant contribution to lifting the sector’s productivity, and to New Zealand’s overall economic performance.

Three research papers have also been published that contributed to this inquiry:


Inquiry performance evaluation

Performance evaluation results for the inquiry are now available:

Government response to the inquiry

The Government is considering the Commission’s report and recommendations. No timeframe has been set for the overall response. The Business Growth Agenda (10 June, p. 55) has signalled a review of s36 of Commerce Act on misuse of market power prohibition. See the Treasury website for information about the process of setting inquiry topics and government responses.

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