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The Government has asked the Productivity Commission to investigate ways to improve the way local authorities regulate to make land available for housing.

In 2012 the Productivity Commission completed an inquiry into housing affordability. This new inquiry will build on the 2012 inquiry, focusing on improving the supply and development capacity of land for housing in New Zealand cities, especially in areas of high population growth. 

The Commission has been asked to examine and compare the rules and processes of local government to identify leading practices in planning and taking decisions about making land available for housing, and providing for necessary infrastructure. It has also been asked to look at models adopted by cities overseas that might provide valuable lessons for New Zealand.

The terms of reference are available below.

Next steps

The Commission will begin the inquiry with the publication of an "issues paper" that will outline its proposed approach to this inquiry, the context for the inquiry, and a preliminary list of key questions to be addressed. The issues paper will seek submissions from all interested parties and be accompanied by consultation to gather a wide range of views and experience.

The Commission’s final report to the Government is due on 30 September 2015 and will be released after that.

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