Urban planning

The Better urban planning: Draft report (PDF, 5.14Mb) is now available. It outlines the Commission’s draft findings and recommendations, and calls for feedback by 3 October 2016.

The terms of reference for this inquiry invite the Commission to identify the most appropriate system for allocating land use in cities. This includes the processes that are currently undertaken through the Resource Management Act, the Local Government Act and the Land Transport Management Act. The inquiry will look beyond the existing planning system and provide a framework for assessing future planning reforms.

Supporting documents

This report has been informed by the following documents commissioned by the Productivity Commission.


Download individual chapters of the report

Inquiry timeline

19 August 2016: Draft report released for consultation
03 October 2016: Submissions close
February 2017: Final report due to Government

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Inquiry contacts

Administrative matters

T: (04) 903 5167
E: info@productivity.govt.nz

Steven Bailey, Inquiry Director

T: (04) 903 5156
E: steven.bailey@productivity.govt.nz

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