Local government funding and financing

The Commission has published an issues paper for this inquiry into local government funding and financing.

The issues paper briefly describes local government in New Zealand and how funding and financing currently works. It asks questions about current pressure points and ways that councils can manage cost pressures. It then seeks views on options for future funding and financing tools. 

We encourage anybody with an interest to read through the issues paper here, think about the questions and participate by making a submission. These questions are not intended to limit comment. Participants should choose which (if any) questions are relevant to them. The Commission welcomes information and comment on all issues that participants consider relevant to the inquiry’s terms of reference

Your feedback is critical for us to better understand specific issues and to be able to provide relevant and credible policy recommendations in our report to the Government.

How to make a submission

You can make a submission via our website here. Anyone can make a submission - it can be an email on a single issue or a substantial document covering many issues. Please provide supporting data where possible.

What happens with submissions

Our inquiry report may cite or directly incorporate relevant information from a submission. Submissions become publicly available documents on our website. For example, see here.

Key inquiry dates

Due date for submissions on issues paper                15 February 2019

Release of draft report                                               4 July 2019

Final report to Government                                        30 November 2019