More Effective Social Services - Draft Report

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Inquiry report
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The Commission has been asked to look at ways to improve how government agencies commission and purchase social services. This will include how agencies identify the needs of people who use the services, how they choose organisations to provide the services, and how the contracts between agencies and organisations work.

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Report by chapters

Chapter 1: About this inquiry (PDF, 176Kb)

Part 1: What the Commission has observed

Chapter 2: Social services in New Zealand (PDF, 585Kb)
Chapter 3: New ideas in New Zealand and elsewhere (PDF, 193Kb)
Chapter 4: An assessment of the social services system (PDF, 194Kb)

Part 2: What is needed for improvement

Chapter 5: Institutional architecture (PDF, 287Kb)
Chapter 6: Commissioning (PDF, 340Kb)
Chapter 7: A system that learns and innovates (PDF, 307Kb)
Chapter 8: Leveraging data and analytics (PDF, 210Kb)
Chapter 9: Investment and insurance approaches (PDF, 201Kb)
Chapter 10: Service integration (PDF, 341Kb)
Chapter 11: Client choice and empowerment (PDF, 287Kb)
Chapter 12: Better purchasing and contracting (PDF, 277Kb)
Chapter 13: The Maori dimension (PDF, 286Kb)

Part 3: Making it happen

Chapter 14: Implementation (PDF, 172Kb)
Chapter 15: The size of the prize (PDF, 102Kb)
Findings and recommendations (PDF, 217Kb)

Intro pages (PDF, 469Kb)

Overview (PDF, 327Kb)

Appendix A (PDF, 117Kb)

References (PDF, 261Kb)


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