Regulatory Institutions and Practices - Final Report

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Inquiry report
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 This report provides guidance to officials and elected representatives designing regulations in future, and makes recommendations on how to improve the operation of current regulations.

For supporting material and more information about the inquiry, see the Regulatory inquiry page.






Report by chapters

Chapter 1: About this inquiry (PDF, 349Kb)

Part 1: Better regulatory practice and institutional design

Chapter 2: New Zealand’s regulatory system (PDF, 341Kb)
Chapter 3: Regulatory practice (PDF, 278Kb)
Chapter 4: Regulator culture and leadership (PDF, 336Kb)
Chapter 5: Workforce capability (PDF, 205Kb)
Chapter 6: Consultation and engagement (PDF, 205Kb)
Chapter 7: The Treaty of Waitangi in regulatory design and practice (PDF, 263Kb)
Chapter 8: Role clarity (PDF, 262Kb)
Chapter 9: Regulatory independence and institutional form (PDF, 345Kb)
Chapter 10: Governance, decision rights and discretion (PDF, 287Kb)
Chapter 11: Decision review (PDF, 394Kb)
Chapter 12: Approaches to funding regulators (PDF, 288Kb)
Chapter 13: Monitoring and oversight (PDF, 195Kb)


Part 2: Better regulatory management

Chapter 14: System-wide regulatory reviews (PDF, 186Kb)
Chapter 15: Information to understand and manage the system (PDF, 125Kb)
Chapter 16: Strengthening institutions (PDF, 198Kb)

Title pages (PDF, 251Kb)
Overview (PDF, 151Kb)
Findings and recommendations (PDF, 186Kb)
Appendices (PDF, 298Kb)
References (PDF, 213Kb)