Make a submission

Making a submission is the starting point for contributing to our inquiries. Anyone can make a submission to the Commission’s inquiries either electronically (preferred) or by posting to:

New Zealand Productivity Commission, PO Box 8036, The Terrace, Wellington 6143

If you would like to make an electronic submission please fill in the fields below and attach your submission as either a Microsoft Word or Searchable Adobe PDF file.

A submission can range from a short letter on a single issue to a much more substantial document covering a range of issues. You should provide relevant facts, figures, data, examples and documentation to support your views. Submissions can include relevant material made available to other reviews or inquiries.

Every submission is welcome, but multiple, identical submissions do not carry any more weight than a single submission.

If the Commission considers, in its sole judgment, that the content of submissions is inappropriate for any reason (such as being defamatory) – or risks being seen by others as inappropriate – we may choose to not publish a submission in part or full. In making such judgments, we may consult with a submitter, including to seek agreement to submission content being amended for publication, but we reserve the right to make whatever decisions we see fit. This only relates to submissions that may contain inappropriate material. Our general approach to submissions, consistent with consultation processes, is to maintain a high level of openness and transparency of the views of submitters. It is also emphasised that the views set out in a submission are those of the submitter, and publication does not in any way associate the Commission with those views.

What the Commission will do with submissions

Submissions will play an important part in shaping the nature and focus of our inquiries. Submissions will be used to gauge the position and preferences of relevant stakeholders. Where relevant, information contained in submissions, along with other evidence (such as facts, figures, data or examples) may be referred to, or used, in the inquiry report.

The Commission will put as much information as possible on the public record. Submissions will be placed on the Commission’s website shortly after they are received. ‘In confidence’ material can be accepted only under special circumstances. You should contact the Commission before submitting this material.

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