Call for public input: Help Kiwis get a fair chance in life

19 July 2021

The Government has recently asked the Productivity Commission to prepare the Terms of Reference for a new inquiry into the drivers of persistent disadvantage within people’s lifetimes and across generations.

The Commission recognises that persistent disadvantage is a big problem. A lot of people are working hard on finding solutions, both in government and communities. We want our inquiry to add value, and not duplicate existing efforts. That is why we want your feedback on where we should focus this inquiry.

For anyone with expertise or an interest in the topic, please answer these questions to help guide the development of the Terms of Reference. We encourage your feedback by 27 August 2021.

For those wishing to provide a more detailed response, please feel free to make a submission.

People may become stuck in disadvantage at any point, from life events such as job loss or illness, or because they are born into disadvantaged circumstances. People facing persistent disadvantage can end up trapped in a vicious cycle. This is not only bad for them, but all of society loses out. This inquiry will investigate who gets stuck in persistent disadvantage and why, and what can be done to help break that cycle, to help lift the wellbeing of all New Zealanders. More information on what we mean by persistent disadvantage and potential focus areas for the inquiry is available here.

We look forward to your feedback! Thank you.

Persistent disadvantage - have your say