Government announces two new inquiries for Productivity Commission


The Government has announced the next two inquiry topics for the Productivity Commission. 

In today’s Budget, the Minister of Finance notes in the Fiscal Strategy Report that the inquiry topics will be:

1. Technological change, disruption and the future of work. 

This inquiry will address a range of issues to better prepare policy makers and businesses for the potential challenges of rapid technological change and disruption. It will investigate how government policy can best support the adoption of technological change while at the same time ensuring social support and education/skills systems and regulatory settings are able to equitably manage rapid technological change.

2. Local government funding and financing.

This inquiry will examine the adequacy and efficiency of the existing local government funding and financing frameworks. It will make recommendations on whether additional revenue-raising tools are needed for local authorities and what changes, if any, are needed in central government’s approach to funding and financing local government. The scope of this inquiry could cover a number of potential areas, including tourism costs, transport funding for roads, infrastructure support for new growth, and examining rates affordability for households.

The Productivity Commission is working with relevant agencies to develop the Terms of Reference and to set the timing for these inquiries. Once finalised, the Terms of Reference will be published. We expect work to commence on these new inquiries from around September, shortly after our current inquiries have been completed.