How can we measure and improve state sector productivity?


The Commission’s brief is to undertake an inquiry into how the New Zealand state sector can effectively measure and improve productivity in core public services with a focus on health, education, justice and social support

State Sector Productivity InquiryThis inquiry is pushing into unchartered territory as the OECD notes the lack of measures to appropriately capture public sector productivity beyond the system of National Accounts, internationally. The quality of the Commission’s work has been commended by Professor Patrick Dunleavy of the London School of Economics (one of the few scholars investigating how to measure the productivity of UK public services).

To address the terms of reference, the Commission will publish two reports:

  • A guidance document for officials about how to measure the productivity of public services.
  • A report to ministers about changes in system settings that would encourage and incentivise improvements in state sector productivity.

The guidance document is currently being peer reviewed by officials from the Treasury, Statistics New Zealand, the State Services Commission and the Ministry of Health. Both reports will be published in August 2018. They will be complemented by the development of an interactive web-based resource and workshops for agencies about how to use the guidance material.

See here for further information about the state sector productivity inquiry.