Improving the productivity of government services

Judy Kavanagh, New Zealand Productivity Commission

What has the Productivity Commission found midway into its inquiry into state sector productivity?

At the 2018 Productivity Conference on Technological Change and Productivity in Wellington on 13 February 2018, Judy Kavanagh presented the Productivity Commission's findings from their current inquiry into state sector productivity, as well as why the bureaucracy doesn’t focus on it and the barriers the Commission has identified to both measuring and improving the productivity of public services.

Judy explained "If governments want higher public sector productivity, they need public institutions that encourage and enable productivity measurement and improvement." Download Judy's presentation below.

The draft report from the Productivity Commission on Measuring and improving state sector productivity has been completed and is available to download below. The final report will follow at the end of August.

What will the final report say? Judy says "We’ll be giving Ministers an important message - the Government has identified many pressing needs, and community expectations of service coverage and quality continue to rise. Providing government services sustainably into the future will require a focus on producing effective public services as efficiently as possible. Ministers need to focus on and drive efficiency in service delivery and there need to be institutional systems and processes that make it easy for them to do so. Our final report will be about how they can do that."

Keep up to date with the inquiry here.