Inquiry update - Local government funding and financing

15 April 2019

Thanks to all our submitters and those who have met with us to provide information and feedback on our issues paper. Our draft report will be released at the end of June after which we will again be welcoming submissions.

135 Submissions

We are very grateful for the high number of quality submissions received that are informing our draft report. The submissions are all publicly available on our website - read the submissions here.


Thanks to all those who have met with us to discuss this important issue. We've worked with LGNZ to meet with a range of local authorities through their zone and sector meetings. Our team has also completed over 60 engagement meetings with other councils through "cluster meetings", workshops with provisional chambers of commerce members, infrastructure providers, farming groups and iwi groups. These have been well attended. In addition, we have completed a number of case studies with a sample of councils facing specific issues to help us “get beyond the averages”. Finally, we have also contracted specific expert advice from a number of consultants on specific technical issues.

Have your say

The draft report will be the next opportunity for you to have your say. It will be released at the end of June 2019 for your review and feedback.

Key dates

  • June 2019 - Draft report released and invitation for submissions
  • August 2019 - Submissions due on draft report
  • 30 November 2019 - Final report due to the Government

Inquiry updates

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