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NZ has a new Zero Carbon Act

Transitioning to a low-emissions economy
11 November 2019

The passing of the Climate Change Response (Zero Carbon) Amendment Bill last week commits the Government to emissions reductions that will limit warming to 1.5C. It ensures New Zealand will be at net zero carbon by 2050.

Last year the Productivity Commission completed its inquiry into Transitioning to a low-emissions economy and we are proud to see our work contributing to this Act. Our report provided a "seminal reference point" for the Government to consider low-emissions strategies. We are pleased to see the new Zero Carbon Act is built on a bedrock of 'emissions budgets' and establishes a Climate Change Commission which were core recommendations from our inquiry. Read Chapter 8 of our report to find out why these are so important in an effective and efficient emissions-reduction strategy.

If you're interested in how New Zealand's Act differs from its source inspiration, the UK’s Climate Change Act, we completed a research note Examining on the UK Climate Change Act 2008. This includes what we saw as some key lessons for New Zealand around independence and flexibility.