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Preparing young learners for the future of work

Draft report 4
22 January 2020

The Commission has been asked to examine technological change and its impact on the future of work. Today we released our fourth draft report for this inquiry on Educating New Zealand's future workforce.

How should policy makers, parents and other members of the community think about the education of young learners in the context of future changes in work?

The findings in today's report highlight areas of concern and opportunities for improvement during this period of reform to the education system. It identifies opportunities to improve the promotion of innovation and good practice across the education system; support better curriculum implementation; remove constraints on students’ ability to pursue relevant learning and career pathways; improve students’ ability to switch in tertiary education; and address digital inclusion for young people.

This report and associated A3 briefing are available to read. We're seeking submissions on this and the other draft reports until 17 February 2020. Submissions can be made via this website - we look forward to your feedback!

About the Technological change and future of work inquiry.