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Request for proposals for economic modelling

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The Productivity Commission is requesting proposals for economic modelling of supply chain disruptions. We are looking for modellers who can help explore different global trade and local disruption scenarios and link them to domestic industrial and regional employment outcomes.

8 December 2022

This is a chance to take part in the Commission’s Improving Economic Resilience inquiry to anticipate supply chain risks and identify which communities, regions, and industries might be most exposed to shocks.

This work will be used to help understand how possible trade shocks and disruptions to imports and exports might be distributed across the domestic economy – and where absorption or adaptation to shocks might follow.

The outputs from economic modelling will be used as inputs to a simulation model, to examine the potential distributional employment impacts. This would require indicative modelling beginning in late January 2023 and refinement for a Draft Inquiry Report expected in August 2023. 

The deadline for proposals is 13 January 2023, with an expected start date for the contract on 23 January 2023. 

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