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Training New Zealand’s workforce

20 December 2019

The Commission today released its draft report on Training New Zealand's workforce. In this report, the Commission looks at how work-related education and training can support a more dynamic labour market.

In the context of the Government’s current reforms of the vocational education and training system, the Commission finds that more system flexibility is needed to meet the education and training needs of people in the workforce and for those soon to join it.

Specific recommendations focus on:

  • Widening access to work-based education and training;
  • Reducing barriers to credentials that help to achieve labour-market dynamism; and
  • Making it easier to move money around the system.

Public and stakeholder feedback is invited on the report's findings and recommendations. Read the report and have your say! Submissions are open until 17 February 2020.

Two further draft reports will be released in January 2020: Firms, dynamism and labour markets and Educating New Zealand’s future workforce.

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