New FutureworkNZ blog

Ideas and debates supporting the Technological change and future of work inquiry.

15 May 2019

The Commission’s latest inquiry is Technological change and future of work. The inquiry’s task is to examine the evidence supporting current concerns, form a judgement as to the veracity and likelihood of disruptive change, and advise government on appropriate responses.

The FutureworkNZ blog will make a small contribution to that task. It allows inquiry staff to float ideas, experiment with presentation, receive quick feedback and address peripheral issues. On this blogauthors write in an individual capacity and there is no “house view” of the Commission. The blog provides inquiry participants with an interactive forum; one that can complement the inquiry’s processes for written submissions and meetings with interested parties.

Visit the FutureworkNZ blog and get involved in the discussion. Well expressed and argued comments can and will influence the Commission’s views.

We’re keen to publish guest posts – send in a short proposal to Dave Heatley