New Pandemic-economics blog

22 April 2020

The Commission has today launched a Pandemic-economics blog to share ideas and discuss policy responses to COVID-19.

With the recent completion of the Commission’s inquiry into technological change and the future of work, the Commission will be undertaking formally commissioned projects for Government on the COVID-19 response. These projects will be announced in due course. The Commission will develop advice in a manner consistent with its statutory independence and, as appropriate, engage expert consultants and researchers, and consult relevant stakeholders.

Our new Pandemic-economics blog will contribute to these formally commissioned projects. It will allow the Commission to float ideas and receive quick feedback. Commission staff will write in an individual capacity for the blog - there is no “house view”. Global understanding of COVID-19 and effective policy responses is evolving quickly, so you can expect authors’ views to change over time as they respond to new information.

Our first blog post is written by Dave Heatley and looks at an estimate of the effective reproduction number for COVID-19. Read his post: How are we trackin'.

Please share our blog posts and submit your comments - we look forward to hearing from you!