SpeechesOur work generates public interest and debate. We regularly speak at events about productivity, our research outputs and inquiries. 

15 April 2021 BDO Directors - World-class firms: lifting and improving NZ productivity and wellbeing

Ganesh Nana, Chair of the Productivity Commission, presented at a BDO breakfast to Directors and Senior Executives on productivity to support businesses to compete, grow and prosper in 2021.

12 April 2021 IPANZ - Productivity, wellbeing and public sector productivity

Ganesh Nana, Chair of the Productivity Commission, presented to IPANZ members on the opportunities for improved public sector productivity, along with the challenges to measuring and evaluating productivity. 

9 March 2021 U3A - The economy, economics, productivity, and wellbeing

Ganesh Nana, Chair of the Productivity Commission, believes economics is fundamentally about people (not money). What to make of economics and wellbeing? And what lessons does the COVID experience provide? Ganesh presented his thoughts to U3A in Wellington. 

3 March 2021 New Zealand Economics Forum - Economics in tumultuous times

The University of Waikato's New Zealand Economics Forum focused on enhancing the quality of public conversation about economic policy in New Zealand. It explored the major challenges facing our national economy for policymakers and officials, as well as the long-term economic impacts of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Ganesh Nana, Chair of the Productivity Commission, presented his thoughts on the Challenges to & opportunities for improving productivity in a post-COVID world.

Recording - presentation by Ganesh Nana

17 December 2020 LEANZ seminar - Covid policy trade-offs

Governments around the world are grappling with the question of how tightly to manage the spread of Covid-19 while sustaining economies and preserving public licence for ongoing or renewed containment measures. Principal Advisor Dave Heatley presented to LEANZ on what we know about policy trade-offs that could inform the Government's pandemic approach. Dr Martin Lally who wrote The costs and benefits of a Covid-19 lockdown also commented.

7 November 2019 AAHANZBS Conference - Institutions and change

Guanyu Zheng and Judy Kavanagh presented on the research paper New jobs, old jobs: The evolution of work in New Zealand’s cities and towns at the 11th Annual Conference of the Association of Academic Historians in Australian and New Zealand Business Schools. This paper uses census data to document and analyse the changing nature of jobs in regional New Zealand between 1976 and 2013.

29 August 2019 NZARES Conference - Policy making under uncertainty and risk

Productivity Commission Chair Murray Sherwin delivered a speech for the Robin Johnson Memorial session at the New Zealand Agricultural and Resource Economics Society Conference.

9 November 2018 GEN Conference - Powerful policy tools for new policy problems

Murray Sherwin delivered the keynote speech at the 2018 Government Economics Network Conference in Wellington on powerful policy tools for new policy problems.

28 August 2018 NZIER - Seeking net-zero: the challenge and opportunity of climate change

The Commission's Chair Murray Sherwin delivered a speech to the Annual Meeting of the New Zealand Institute of Economic Research on the Commission's low-emissions economy inquiry.

13 February 2018 Productivity Conference - Improving the productivity of government services

At the 2018 Productivity Conference on Technological change and productivity in Wellington, Judy Kavanagh presented the Commission's findings from their inquiry into state sector productivity, as well as why the bureaucracy doesn’t focus on it and the barriers the Commission has identified to both measuring and improving the productivity of public services.

8 December 2017 GEN Conference - Responding to global challenges: New Zealand’s productivity deficit

Murray Sherwin delivered the opening address at the 2017 Government Economics Network Conference in Wellington on New Zealand's productivity deficit.

14 October 2017 Competition Law and Policy Institute of NZ - Competition and productivity

A quick perspective on productivity – what is it and why we should worry about it. How does competition influence our productivity performance? What do we know about competition in New Zealand? Murray Sherwin, Chair of the New Zealand Productivity Commission presented at a workshop of the Competition Law and Policy Institute of NZ.

6 April 2016 University of Canterbury Connect Lecture - Tertiary education

The UC Connect public lecture series offers the community an opportunity to attend topical lectures by experts in their fields. Chair of the Productivity Commission Murray Sherwin delivered a speech on What can a five-year old Productivity Commission add to a thousand-year old institution?

7 August 2014 ANZSOG Conference - Better regulation

Murray Sherwin delivered a New Zealand perspective speech to the Australia and New Zealand School of Government Conference in Canberra.

26 March 2014 Regulatory Reform Conference - From silos to systems

Chair of the Productivity Commission Murray Sherwin delivered the following speech From silos to systems: Some observations from across the ditch.

22 October 2012 CommonWealth Economic Forum - Small economies in a dangerous world

The CommonWealth Economic Forum gathered Asia's academic and business elites to discuss the region's future and explore the ideas of economic well-being and sustainability. Productivity Commission Chair Murray Sherwin delivered the following speech on small economies such as New Zealand and Taiwan.