The future of work: adaptability, resilience, and inclusion

Hon Grant Robertson MP, Minister of Finance

Hon Grant Robertson presented a speech to the 2018 Productivity Conference on Technological Change and Productivity.

Speech: Thank you for inviting me to speak with you here today.  In particular I want to thank the Productivity Commission and all involved in the Productivity Hub.

The previous presenters today have touched on a range of ideas for how we can face the challenge of improving our productivity in a changing world. From technology and data to public services and the energy transition, I’m excited to see forward thinking people working on such a broad range of important topics. I’d like to commend you all and encourage you to keep up the good work.

My presentation today will focus on an issue that is at the heart of a productive economy, how we approach the rapidly changing world of work.  I want to talk about how this fits with the overall economic strategy of the Government, the core policy areas that we have identified to support New Zealanders in this process and the institutional settings required to meet the challenges and seize the opportunities of the Future of Work.

Read the speech here.