Video: More effective social services - final report

Murray Sherwin

More effective social services - final report

The Productivity Commission has now completed its report into More effective social services.

In June 2014, the Commission was asked to look at ways to improve how government agencies commission and purchase social services. The report was released in mid-September 2015. While the Commission’s research found that social services work well for many New Zealanders, services for disadvantaged people and those with more complex needs and reduced capacity to navigate the system for themselves need to be made more client-orientated, integrated, accountable and accessible.  While central government has maintained control of social services, there has been too little understanding of outcomes. To address this deficit, the Commission has recommended a mode of control for social services that is less “top-down,” by transferring substantial decision-making powers to individual organisations with separate governance. The Commission has also recommended setting up a new agency that can help clients most in need to access all of the services available to them.

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