Why do so many New Zealand businesses have low productivity?


Why should they care about productivity?

Management Magazine July 2018 - Lifting productivity is key to business success

The Commission's Economist, Paul Conway, shed's light on these questions in the lastest Management Magazine issue: 

Lifting productivity is the key to business success

Lifting productivity is the key to a successful business community and a more prosperous New Zealand. But moving from an economy based on low-cost labour and long working hours to one driven by productivity improvements is difficult and may entail some short-term pain for long-term gain, writes Paul Conway.

A growing high-tech sector is performing well in New Zealand, fuelled with a “born digital, born global” mind-set. For other businesses, new technologies are presenting exciting opportunities and challenges. But while some are making the most of these opportunities, they are in the minority, and the productivity performance of businesses in New Zealand remains poor overall...

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(Image: Management Magazine)