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Pandemic-economics blogA blog by Commission staff to generate ideas and promote debate about policy responses to COVID‑19. We welcome robust, respectful and insightful thoughts and ideas. Comments can be posted at the bottom of blog posts, but please note they are moderated and won't appear immediately. 

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Walking in rain

Resilience for the future of work

2 June 2020 | Judy Kavanagh

As the metaphorical ink was drying on the Commission’s technological change and the future of work f…

NZ COVID tracer app

Why we need more tech: the COVID-19 edition

29 May 2020 | Nik Green

One of the key findings from the Commission’s recent Technological change and the future of work inq…

Work and income

Full service or self-service?

27 May 2020 | Ron Crawford

In normal times, New Zealand’s labour market works well. Compared to many other countries, unemploym…

Misty Mt Cook

The future of work? Over-prepared for yesterday’s threat, an…

15 May 2020 | Dave Heatley

Are humans destined to be over-prepared for yesterday’s existential threat, and under-prepared for t…

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