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New Zealand’s productivity growth

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Athene Laws

Lisa Meehan

Date published

29 May 2015

This note applies Diewert (2014a)’s productivity growth decomposition method to New Zealand data. This approach decomposes aggregate labour productivity growth into: industry labour productivity growth, changes in industry labour input shares and changes in industry real output prices. Similarly, aggregate MFP growth is decomposed into: industry MFP growth, changes in industry input shares, changes in industry real output prices and changes in industry reciprocal input prices. Consistent with Meehan (2014), industry labour productivity growth was a much larger component of aggregate labour productivity growth in New Zealand over the 1978-2011 period than changes in labour input shares. 

JEL Codes  C43 Index Numbers and Aggregate. D24 Production; Cost; Capital; Total Factor and Multifactor Productivity; Capacity. 


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