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Productivity by the numbers: the New Zealand experience

Pages from NZPC Conway Meehan Productivity by the Numbers

Lisa Meehan

Paul Conway

Date published

20 September 2013

New Zealand's productivity

This Research Paper provides an assessment of New Zealand’s productivity performance for the whole economy, for individual industries and compared to other OECD countries.

The research shows that New Zealand has generally poor productivity performance – both at the economy-wide and industry levels. This underscores the need for our policy environment to be strongly supportive of productivity growth and for firms to have a clear focus on improving productivity.

Why does productivity matter?

Paul Conway, Director, Economics and Research, provides an overview of why productivity is important for New Zealand and how New Zealand is performing compared to other countries in the following videos:

  1. What is productivity?
  2. New Zealand's productivity performance
  3. New Zealand's productivity by industry

What next?

  • This paper provides important information on New Zealand’s productivity performance. It is relevant for upcoming research and inquiries carried out by the Commission and its Productivity Hub partners.
  • The Commission is currently undertaking industry-level productivity analysis on: the industry contributions to the 2000s productivity growth slowdown, the contribution of labour reallocation to aggregate productivity growth and the shares of income going to labour and capital.
  • In early 2014, the Commission will publish its initial productivity outcomes monitoring report, which will be updated periodically.
JEL codes  JEL: D24 – Production; Cost; Capital, Multifactor and Total Factor Productivity; Capacity; JEL: O47 – Measurement of Economic Growth; Aggregate Productivity


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