Productivity in developed Asia-Pacific and Turkey: A firm-level perspective

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Research paper
Australian Dept. of Industry and Science, Japan Productivity Center, New Zealand Productivity Commission, Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey
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Although productivity is one of the deciding factors for firm’s performance, research on this topic is hampered by the scarcity of firm-level data and lack of streamlined methods to perform cross-country analysis. This report introduces the Productivity Research Network dataset and methodology, which address the aforementioned problems. It focuses on Asia-Pacific countries and Turkey, with some comparisons made with developing Asia and EU region. 

This is the second report of the Productivity Research Network (PRN) at the National University of Singapore Business School. The PRN was launched in mid-2017 to foster research and better firm-level data collection across Asia on issues related to productivity and its potential drivers. Since then, the PRN has organized three workshops and gathers substantial interest from scholars and researchers.

This report presents and documents findings from the PRN dataset for the developed Asia-Pacific countries and Turkey, originating from firm-level micro databases within countries. It also provides productivity developments from a firm level perspective, as well as information on a number of its possible covariates, namely resource reallocation, export, firm size, labour cost, financial structure and mark-ups.

Productivity Hub, Research