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Productivity by the numbers

Productivity by the Numbers was the flagship publication of the Commission. Based on data produced by Stats NZ to inform the public about trends in New Zealand’s productivity, the report looked at both the latest statistics and longer-run productivity performance measures.  

The publication is a key resource aimed to inform and generate discussion about lifting New Zealand’s productivity. It provided an assessment of the performance of the New Zealand economy and a simple framework to help people understand productivity.  

Productivity matters for wellbeing

The choices we make today influence the productivity, standard of living, waiora, and wairua, tomorrow, and for future generations.
PC022 Fig 1 3

Achieving higher productivity improves our overall wellbeing, by increasing the nation’s incomes and our ability to produce and afford the goods and services that underpin a happy, healthy life. This allows us to invest in public goods and services that benefit everyone, such as schools, hospitals, and infrastructure.

Improved productivity enables us to enjoy more time with family, whānau, friends and community, spend more on improved collective wellbeing, and pursue social and environmental goals. The gains from higher productivity also matters for individual and overall wellbeing.

Productivity requires a long-term commitment and innovation and investment are key

We have a responsibility to those who follow us to preserve, protect and restore the natural and social capital that is a cornerstone of our wellbeing.
Tane Mahuta Kauri

Aotearoa New Zealand’s current productivity is built on decades of investment – in skills, knowledge, ICT, infrastructure, relationships, and the environment. Improving productivity requires efforts (investments) to maintain, enhance and improve the capabilities and qualities of the range of productive factors, institutional arrangements, and resources on our watch.

Innovation and technological change are critical to productivity growth. The Government’s efforts need to be focused, aligned, well connected to businesses, iwi, Māori, researchers, and workers, and well evaluated, to enable learning and adaption.

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